Monster of the Week: Johnny Bartlett

I've been carrying on the good work. Films Synopsis: When his wife dies in a tragic car accident, architect Frank Bannister (Michael J Fox) develops the ability to see ghosts. In the wake of the tragedy and his newfound powers, he takes up a career as an exorcist, aided by a trio of ghostly friends. … Continue reading Monster of the Week: Johnny Bartlett

Zombie of the Week: Wyrmwood

This truck runs on zombies. No zombies? No truck. Add some horrific abilities to your zombie horde with extra Zombie options! This week, our unique zombie is is fire resistant on the outside, but flammable on the inside, continuing on the theme of 'hot-bloodied' zombies for the month - from the land down unda' we have … Continue reading Zombie of the Week: Wyrmwood

Mandy (2018) – Demonic Cult

 He graced me with his light. His hot loving light. It flowed over me like the pulse of a timeless wave... Propelled along, aimlessly and remorselessly by the whims of a self-absorbed leader, the Children of the New Dawn are a coterie of mortal worshipers led by a truculent bard bound in service to a … Continue reading Mandy (2018) – Demonic Cult

Monster of the Week: Animated Statue (Hoboman)

All art is dangerous. Films Synopsis: In the petty world of art criticism, where money talks and talent walks, the works of a psychotic artist are uncovered by a struggling careerist hoping to make a name in the scene. Despite his final wishes that his art be destroyed, his paintings soon set the art world … Continue reading Monster of the Week: Animated Statue (Hoboman)

Mandy (2018) – Warlock Patron: Idol

I see the reaper fast approaching... On the shores of Crystal Lake, somewhere in the Shadow Mountains, Red Miller found the love of his life - Mandy. Two seemingly broken individuals brought together by fate or cosmic chance, their time was cut tragically short by horrific happenstance. Red's beloved was burnt alive before his very … Continue reading Mandy (2018) – Warlock Patron: Idol