Review: Cthulhu Chronicles (App)

Synopsis:  "How will you fare against eldritch magic, insidious plots and the Elder Gods themselves?" Review: If you have an I-phone or an I-pad and are on the hunt for a daily dose of Cthulhu horror, look no further than LoveCraft Text Adventures Cthulhu Chronicles from MetaArcade, Inc. and Chaosium Inc. Just passing its 1-year anniversary, … Continue reading Review: Cthulhu Chronicles (App)

Monster of the Week: Art the Clown

(Featured Image Uses art from: Art the Clown found over at TerrorThreads) If you're a fan of gore and well... GORE, then you must have heard of ART THE CLOWN. The now infamous jester who debuted in Director Damien Leone's 2013 All Hallows Eve, a collection of horror shorts. Art left an impression in his low-budget … Continue reading Monster of the Week: Art the Clown

Review: Devil’s Advocate – A Guide to Infernal Contracts

Synopsis:  Tempt your players with a deal signed in blood- never mind the fine print.... Review: If you're a fan of duplicity, contract law and eternal damnation (I know I sure am!) then Justin Arman's latest entry on the Guild, Devil's Advocate: A Guide to Infernal Contracts is just the road to Hell you've been waiting … Continue reading Review: Devil’s Advocate – A Guide to Infernal Contracts

Monster of the Week: Brightburn

What if Superman was a bad guy? That was the basic concept to this year's superhero horror flick, Brightburn (2019), produced by Kenneth Huang and James Gunn (Guardian's of the Galaxy). An origin story to a teenage alien who turns out to have nearly god-like powers, Brightburn tells the tale of Brandon Breyer, a surrogate for … Continue reading Monster of the Week: Brightburn

Review: Book of Beautiful Horrors

Synopsis:  Snag a homebrew menagerie of 5e Monsters from the reddit hive-mind, cutesy of Nathan Hasle - for FREE!!!  Review: If you haven't stepped into the reddit Unearthed Arcana world for 5E homebrew, you're missing out on a lot of great content. One of the longest running projects is the Book of Beautiful Horrors and Other Things … Continue reading Review: Book of Beautiful Horrors