A long time ago, when the DMSGuild first launched, I wrote a simple setting guide for a charming little Inn and tavern I called Fox’s Heart. Inns are a classic staple of D&D and I can’t count how many sessions I’ve started in one. As part of that supplement, I drew a simple map of the Heart. I had a lot of fun making the map and I always intended to do more. As often happens, life got in the way of D&D and I only managed to draw a few others.

As 2019 marches on, I wanted to commit to drawing a map a week in the style of that one I drew many moons ago.

The first of these represents a Vizier’s Mansion. A vizier or as the Abbasid caliph’s called them, wazirs, were political figures in predominately Islamic states originating in the middle ages. Most people are probably familiar with Jafar, the evil Vizier from Aladdin, who was vizier to the Sultan. Vizier’s wielded immense power, either as regional ministers or as direct rulers and their exact authority was often nebulous.

arab-1I modeled my vizier mansion on a contemporary royal palace which I figured would be a fitting style of a more Medieval and D&D-ish structure. While stone would probably be rare in most desert climates, viziers wield immense power and resources (possibly even magical ones in fantasy settings), so I don’t think it’s a far fetch for a high-status individual to have such precious building material imported, possibly from great distances.

Most of the rooms of this mansion feature lavish sofas and oversized chairs for reclining as well as rugs for prayer and comfort. An outdoor pool, perhaps home to a benevolent water elemental (possibly even the protector of the mansion itself), sits in the back courtyard, while the interior hosts plenty of rooms for servants and guests.

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