I have to be honest, I oversized the rooms in this drawing by an extra 5 feet. I’m also not terribly satisfied with the color palette either. But, live and learn.

This entry is of a wealthy, ancient Egyptian home. While obviously spacious and comfortable, I’m fascinated by the unique nature of the design. For one, there are bedrooms that require guests and residents to first go through living and family rooms and a main corridor that bisects the entire house. It’s a very symmetrical layout, with open areas on matching sides, along with twin pairs of double bedrooms. Two small bedrooms are opposite one another while two larger rooms mirror each other as well. A subterranean water well at the back of the house is equally mirrored by a slightly larger kitchen, home to a large open furnace/oven.



While its a fairly open and compact layout (even with my additional square footage), I think from an adventuring standpoint, the stacked layout, requiring movement through several rooms in order to arrive at protected bedrooms, leaves interesting potential for ambushes and clandestine missions. At the very least, the long corridor offers a nice, archer’s alleyway perfect for a drawn-out defense.

Source: https://earthlymission.com/the-homes-of-ancient-egyptians/


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