Monster of the Week: Chucky (2019)

Like many of his contemporaries, the iconic doll killer of the 1980’s couldn’t avoid a 21st Century reboot. Although a much darker, more comedic affair, 2019’s Child’s Play transformed the pint-sized slasher in even more fundamental ways than mere tone and script. Chucky, the star of Child’s Play, went from being a doll with a soul into an artificially aware Internet-of-things machine. Instead of being controlled by an unhinged psychopath, this year’s Chucky is the result of defective hardware, causing the sentient robot to go on a killing spree for very different reasons than his predecessor.

Before this year’s reboot came along, I did a mock-up of the original Chucky in a Halloween supplement for the DMSGuild, Monsters of Horror. In that guide I focused on the more occult aspects of the Chucky character considering he was originally nothing more than a possessed doll with the undying soul of a criminal housed within. For D&D, this pointed clearly to an undead creature with very little powers save the Dark Chanting that Charles Lee Ray had in the original film. I would like to show the stats for that version here, but the Guild is pretty adamant against displaying pages from their products outside of the site (you can pick up that version and 5 other horror stats for only 1.25).

For the reboot, this Chucky is a wholly different beast, and I thought it would make a great addition to this menagerie considering the significant differences from the film and my original rendition – so here’s a quick write-up!


Conversion. This time around, Chucky is a machine through and through and hence, clearly a Construct. His abilities are also different from the original movie and my original mock-up. For one, Chucky now has the ability to control other electronic devices, a seemingly ill-suited ability in the worlds of D&D. Except of course, there are things like clockworks! Now, Chucky may not be all that terrifying in a traditional campaign, but in a world like Eberron or Ravnica, where science and magic mix, Chucky just might present a truly terrifying opponent! Lastly, Chucky’s durability is also a rather useful trait, making his Tiny size less of a weakness than before.  

What do you think, are Chucky’s abilities powerful enough to present a difficult opponent?  (Download my rendition of Chucky stats in pdf format for your campaign and spook your players with a little dolly delight)


*Updated 7/26/19 with some grateful critique by /Phylea over on reddit. 


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