Review: Book of Beautiful Horrors

Synopsis:  Snag a homebrew menagerie of 5e Monsters from the reddit hive-mind, cutesy of Nathan Hasle – for FREE!!! 

Review: If you haven’t stepped into the reddit Unearthed Arcana world for 5E homebrew, you’re missing out on a lot of great content. One of the longest running projects is the Book of Beautiful Horrors and Other Things by creator Nathan Hasle, a.k.a. /Regerem who has been steadily churning out new pages for years. Nathan just released v2.0 of the Book which compiles these serials in one mega-pdf available on Google Drive.

Jam packed with 90+ monsters, 20+ npcs and 10+ villains, the guide is a well crafted document with great art and intriguing creatures both familiar and new. It is not without its editing, power and mechanic issues but for home-games and one-shots, the creatures presented are an excellent addition to any table. The guide has a good deal of horrific creatures specifically designed to add some fright to your games. My personal favorites are the various crones, hags and tremendously detailed undead which include a great deal of background and lore. Vampires and werewolves especially get a deep dive, with real-world myth laid out alongside intriguing hooks like blood addiction, werewolf howls and dream hauntings. You can pick up a copy of the Book of Beautiful Horrors from Hasle’s Google Drive for FREE!

So what are you waiting for, take a peek and add some scares to you home game with the Book of Beautiful Horrors.

Now…Is it Horrific?

Fear (Jam-Packed). The guide has a ton of iterations of horrific monsters, questionably tested but certain to add some fun to the table. There are non-horrific monsters within its pages as well, but the guide shines the most for me when it takes a look at the terrible and terrifying.

Setting (Standard Fantasy). The guide does a good job in presenting itself as a standard-looking 5E home-brew guidebook, with little horror-specific layout or design, but the images for each creature, horror or not, are excellent and credited.

Consequences (Case-by-case). Like any home-brew, each monster has its own stats and lore, some of which are gruesome and long-lasting (like the bruxa’s Otherworldly Gaze that blinds opponents) while most are mundane,meaning that consequences are determined by each specific creature.

Suspense (Case-by-case). Like consequences, each creature has its own abilities and lore, some more horrific than others.

Is it a Horror? Verdict: The book is a good Monster Manual XXX for 5E with a heavy horrific bent – perfect for any table and FREE!




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