Review: Devil’s Advocate – A Guide to Infernal Contracts

Synopsis:  Tempt your players with a deal signed in blood- never mind the fine print….

Review: If you’re a fan of duplicity, contract law and eternal damnation (I know I sure am!) then Justin Arman’s latest entry on the Guild, Devil’s Advocate: A Guide to Infernal Contracts is just the road to Hell you’ve been waiting for.

Bathed cover to cover in great art, a plethora of engaging text and copious randomized tables, this is a product my own black heart wished I’d come up with first. It takes a deep dive into the ins and outs of Infernal contracts- tempting offers of power in exchange for mortal souls. Everything from creation to execution to breaches, this guide has it all, and is a devilishly good read to boot.

Expanding on each element of a contract, from consideration to offering to fine print, if you’re looking for a thorough examination on the nuances of tempting your players with enormous power, this is the guide you’ve been looking for. It’s even got options for what happens to players who fall victim to these enticing contracts as well as emissaries from the Nine Hells to ensure collection. It concludes with a wicked contract handout to put into practice everything the guide touches on – the only thing missing is the blood your players will have to sign it with. But after reading this Guide, they’ll be fighting over who signs first.

There is no excuse and no hope, head over to the Guild and forfeit your soul for a measly 4.95 and pick up a copy of Devil’s Advocate: A Guide to Infernal Contracts

Now…Is it Horrific?

Fear (My Soul is Gone, What more do I have to Lose?). The guide has tempted a player (or player’s) into abandoning all hope. What more is there to fear? Oh yeah, an eternity in the Nine Hells – yup, jam-packed with fear.

Setting (Regretful). You’ve sold you’re soul, but you know you are going to be the one mortal in 10,000 who manages to beat a devil when it comes to fine-print. Every chance you get, from a meeting in a simple tavern to the ruins of a lost kingdom can present an opportunity to undo what you’ve done to yourself.

Consequences (Defiant). You’ve been given great power, the consequences lie on the other side of this mortal coil, but they are there, waiting patiently with the scent of hellfire and brimstone. Against that, the stakes are high and you play every situation to its max.

Suspense (Denial). You know you’ll get your soul back eventually, its only a matter of time. You just have to find the right moment, and the perfect opportunity…

Is it a Horror? Verdict: Hell-bound Horror. 




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