Monster of the Week: Art the Clown

(Featured Image Uses art from: Art the Clown found over at TerrorThreads)

If you’re a fan of gore and well… GORE, then you must have heard of ART THE CLOWN. The now infamous jester who debuted in Director Damien Leone’s 2013 All Hallows Eve, a collection of horror shorts. Art left an impression in his low-budget premiere, but it was Leone’s 2017 follow-up full-length feature, Terrifier, where the silent fiend’s sides-splitting antics left  more than a few truly memorable kills beloved by any true horror fan. Many agree, the silent psycho has replaced Tim Curry as the most terrifying clown around.

While a formidable on-screen adversary to mere mortals, Art would seem to present much less of a direct threat to a group of adventurers, unless of course he is able to catch one or two of them alone and off guard. However, where he can truly shine in a campaign is as the titular villain in a kidnap or hostage scenario, or even better, as the ringleader in a Rakdos circus – putting on a One-Night only show, sure to bring down the house and everyone in it.

Conversion. Art the Clown is a fairly easy target – he has no armor and is hardly depicted as a skilled fighter.  He has more apparent strength than your typical human, but generally relies on common, non marital weapons to make his kills. A basic bugbear or even ghoul are a great template.

His one ability that makes him more formidable than a mere mortal is his ability to get into and out-of seemingly impossible locations. This is a common staple of most horror slashers and is becoming a fairly regular Action to these movie monster conversions. I also felt that his base stats would be fairly easy to overcome so I beefed him up with Legendary Resistance (to avoid those pesky save-or-shut-down effects that a wizard in the party might throw out first round) along with Regeneration, which is hinted at in the movies and a stun effect. He definitely won’t give a typical party too much trouble, unless you can pry them apart from each other – split the party anyone (he-he)? 

What do you think, is Art terrifying enough? Download my rendition of Art’s stats in JPEG or pdf format for your campaign and terrify your players with a sadistic clown)


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