Loot of the Week: Yatsu

Thrusting its frenzied way onto the international scene at the close of the eighties, Shinya Tsukamoto’s genre redefining 1989 Tetsuo: The Iron Man is a 16-mm underground horror that helped bring live-action Japanese cyberpunk to a much wider audience. Yatsu is a metal fetishist who is the literal embodiment of modern man’s delirious obsession with all things technological and how it can ruin everything around us.  He is the films principal antagonist, possessing the power to move, shape and manipulate metal to his will. But in the rubble of his defeated remains, heroes may find some truly unique trinkets, assuming they remember to LOOT THE CORPSE!



Published by Jesse B

Eclectic taste for horror and dark fantasy

2 thoughts on “Loot of the Week: Yatsu

  1. hello I think you made a mistake when uploading the pdf of yatsu the metal fetishist since the pdf of the it follows creature comes out instead please fix that I really want to use that character you made


    1. Hi – You can download the entire old school Horror Movie Monster Manual (on the right page widget) and get the PDF for Yatsu and just print out those to pages to PDF! I changed computers a while ago and don’t have the backup unfortunately of the individual files 😦


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