Monster of the Week: Tentacle from Planet X

There’s Something in the Mist!

Film Synopsis: Stephen King’s 1987 novella The Mist gets a politically-charged adaptation in its 2007 production of the same name. Filmed in a highly tense post-terrorist American but shot with a love of classic horror by Director Frank Darabont (The Majestic, The Green Mile), the film maker stated that the black and white DVD, released a year after the film’s release is his preferred version and considers the movie in the same vein as Night of the Living Dead

The film was released in November 2007 and in appreciation of the films Fall release, and its handful of excellent creature designs, I’ll be presenting and converting each deadly and distinct monster for the entire month. So lock your doors, barricade your glass windows and lets get to it!

First up – the Tentacles from Planet X!



The tentacles are straight-forward creatures. They fight only against creatures that deal them harm, preferring to devour foes over anything that could be considered a protracted battle.

Once they grapple a target, a tentacle should spend a round (or a few), consuming it before attempting to drag it back into the mist. Because the tentacles aren’t specifically connected to any creature per lore, it might be to the player’s advantage to simply have a tentacle drag a creature no more than 30 feet into the mist where it continues to consume it, allowing any allies enough opportunity to rescue them before being completely devoured by whatever the tentacles may be attached to (up to the DMs discretion).


The tentacles make good first forays into areas touched by the Far Realms such as in evil wizard or alchemists lairs. As players enter a room designed to call forth the stars, instead they may find themselves confronted with hungry tentacles from Planet X.


The tentacles were a fairly simple adaptation. I borrowed heavily from the giant octopus, including its tentacle attack with some updates from more recent releases and its stat block. The sludge death follows the darkling death burst trait but without the damage. Keen hearing and blindsight for the tentacle get around the fact that it realistically appears to have no visual means of finding their prey.

The most significant point of the tentacles were its Mist-bound parameters, presented in their sidebar. These give the tentacles some context along with some important traits about how the Mist itself can work.

But what do you think, are the tentacles from planet X too limber for your players? Or will they delight in tackling these slimey invaders from another world? Download my rendition of the Mist’s tentacles from planet X in pdf format for your campaign and have a swarm tentacles descend upon them from misty origins.

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