Monster of the Week: Scorpion-Fly

There’s Something in the Mist!

Film Synopsis: Stephen King’s 1987 novella The Mist gets a politically-charged adaptation in its 2007 production of the same name. Filmed in a highly tense post-terrorist American but shot with a love of classic horror by Director Frank Darabont (The Majestic, The Green Mile), the film maker stated that the black and white DVD, released a year after the film’s release is his preferred version and considers the movie in the same vein as Night of the Living Dead

The film was released in November 2007 and in appreciation of the films Fall release, and its handful of excellent creature designs, I’ll be presenting and converting each deadly and distinct monster for the entire month. So lock your doors, barricade your glass windows and lets get to it!

Second on the list – the Scorpion-Fly!


Check out the Loot the Corpse on Instagram for Loot for this monster!


A scorpion-fly is no different from your ordinary wild animal found in the Monster Manual.

It might be fun to imitate the scene from the movie though, and have a scorpion-fly land on a player and have them make a Intelligence (Religion) check to attempt to remain calm in the face of certain doom!


Like the Tentacles from Planet X, scorpion-flies are good front-line encounters for the mysterious Mist as it slowly creeps into your campaign world,  buzzing out of the miasma and fleeing from the next batch of horrors lurking in the haze…


Scorpion-flies, like the Tentacles from Planet X, were fairly straight-forward: the standard scorpion mixed with some of the stats from a stirge. However, to give these baddies a little extra oomph, I added the ‘unable to breath’ functionality from the darkmantle’s Crush action, which fits thematically with the poor girl who died in the film (spoilers).

But what do you think, is the scorpion-fly too breath-stealing for your players? Or will they Crush these pesky flies with impunity? Download my rendition of the Mist’s scorpion-flies in pdf format for your campaign and have a tiny incursion of stinging insects.

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