Monster of the Week: Arachni-Lobster

There’s Something in the Mist!

Film Synopsis: Stephen King’s 1987 novella The Mist gets a politically-charged adaptation in its 2007 production of the same name. Filmed in a highly tense post-terrorist American but shot with a love of classic horror by Director Frank Darabont (The Majestic, The Green Mile), the film maker stated that the black and white DVD, released a year after the film’s release is his preferred version and considers the movie in the same vein as Night of the Living Dead

The film was released in November 2007 and in appreciation of the films Fall release, and its handful of excellent creature designs, I’ll be presenting and converting each deadly and distinct monster for the entire month. So lock your doors, barricade your glass windows and lets get to it!

Next on the list – the Arachni-Lobster!


Like the previous monsters from the Mist, the arachni-lobster is essentially a predator, out only to hunt and feed on any creature it can find on the edges of its foggy domain. Being a monstrosity however, it does have some distinct advantages, chiefly being its tremorsense ability which aids it in finding suitable targets to gobble up in a swift motion. 

The arachni-lobster makes a great lurker, wading into an encounter only when it feels it can surprise a prey and then swooping down with a claw to carry it off to be devoured. The arachni should open up with its claw attacks, hoping to grapple a tasty morsel before taking a bite out of it on its next turn. Once a creature is grappled, it should attempt to swallow it. To make things a little easier on a party, the arachni should probably only attempt to swallow one creature at a time, coupling the loss of a PC that has been swallowed by a another party member being grappled by its claw and under constant threat from the creatures clamp action.  


The arachni-lobster is the perfect ‘boss monster’ for a campaign that has a rift in its dimensional weave, allowing a host of creatures to pour forth from the Mist. A village or similar territory might be in the grips of terror, staying in their homes as scorpion-flys and tentacles create havoc. And then, suddenly lumbering shape of the arachni emerges from the Mist, offering an even deadlier monster the party has to contend with. 


The Arachni-Lobster was a really fun creature to convert. So far, I feel like all the monsters from the Mist have been the most ‘monstery’ out of these Horror conversions and the arachni was probably the most so far.

For a base, given the creature’s CR rating, I essentially started from scratch. Taking the features and rough stats for a giant crab, I incorporated the claw attack but also needed to add in a unique feature for the monster, reminiscent of the snapping-in-half kill the creature does in the movie. For this I looked around for creatures that had a similar save or ‘more pain’ against already grappled creatures and found a match in the chuul, which lead to the clamp action. For the swallow ability, I took a look at the remorhaze, which also helped in fleshing out overall feel for the arachni.  

But what do you think, is the arachni a claw above the rest? Or will your players swallow their fears and be able to bring this crabby baddie to heel? Download my rendition of the Mist’s arachni-lobster in pdf format for your campaign and throw a spidery menace at your party.

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