Monster of the Week: Gray Widower


Film Synopsis: Stephen King’s 1987 novella The Mist gets a politically-charged adaptation in its 2007 production of the same name. Filmed in a highly tense post-terrorist American but shot with a love of classic horror by Director Frank Darabont (The Majestic, The Green Mile), the film maker stated that the black and white DVD, released a year after the film’s release is his preferred version and considers the movie in the same vein as Night of the Living Dead

The film was released in November 2007 and in appreciation of the films Fall release, and its handful of excellent creature designs, I’ll be presenting and converting each deadly and distinct monster for the entire month. So lock your doors, barricade your glass windows and lets get to it!

This week concludes the Mist monsters with – the Gray Widower

But wait! There’s more!


Exclusive to my newly launched Patreon – Patrons at the Fiend tier and above this week get two extra monsters from The Mist – the pterobuzzard (a fun and simple conversion from the pteranodon) and the behemoth (a titanic baddie of epic proportions).


And all Patrons, regardless of tier, get access to a single PDF – the Horror Movie Monster Manual, so you have all these horror movie monsters in one file as well as their accompanying Loot tables – updated weekly every time new content gets added to the site, fully bookmarked and indexed! AND – all Patrons at every tier also get a Fantasy Grounds Module for their Tier-equivalent creatures! And just like the PDF, this file is updated WEEKLY! So if you enjoy this content, please consider supporting to keep the lights off for this dark content! And get ready for new monsters next month when I dive into Wintry Horror Movies to celebrate the Holy Days upon us – and add a whole new thematic group of bi-monthly monsters in addition to the weekly ones! So please, if you can, head over to my Patreon and help support these devilishly fun creations!


And now onto this week’s creature feature….




Again we have another baddie from the Mist which have only rudimentary, animalistic tactics. Gray widowers simply hunt down their prey and devour or impregnate them once they have them cornered.

The movie does a good job of showcasing the different abilities the widowers have and really demonstrates that the creatures are aware of these abilities and use them to their best advantage. For instance, before closing in on opponents, the widowers seem cognizant of the devastating effect of their acid webbing, choosing to open their attacks on opponents from hidden deep in their webbing with a salvo of these projectile attacks. Once disabling an opponent with this toxic and corrosive threading they move in for the kill, biting their prey to death into submission and death. 


The gray widowers make much more cunning adversaries than any of the other creatures of the Mist thus far. Given the fact that they tend to hunt in groups and have a definite tendency towards creating what are effectively monster lairs, gray widowers can be the main antagonists of a Misty incursion in your campaign. Once a village or area is flooded with the Mist, continual attacks by gray widowers make excellent tension building encounters, with progressively more and more of the creatures descending on your players until they are completely overwhelmed or seek safety somewhere away from their deadly acidic spindles. 


Essentially smaller (literally Small-sized) versions of giant wolf spiders, gray widowers have only a major change in their design based around one of the coolest kill scenes in the movie – the bursting swarm from the MPs back. As thousands of gray widowettes emerge from the soldiers husk, we see the beginning life cycle of the widowers and learn that victims aren’t simply cocooned, but impregnated with the widowers eggs (think, Alien). The most readily available creature for 5e that has a similar gestation kill are the slaad, whose claw attacks gave an excellent template for the widowers breeding cycle. 

But what do you think, can your players deal with a creepy crawly widower invasion? Or will their fear of spiders burst their egos and leave them nothing but a husk of their former selves? Download my rendition of the Mist’s gray widowers in pdf format for your campaign and throw a spidery menace at your party. And, if you want to get this and all the creatures to date in a single, indexed PDF as well as a handy-dandy Fantasy Ground version of these creatures, consider heading over to my Patreon and becoming a Patron!

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