Treat of the Week: Hell-Deer

What is the best companion a hellish Santa could ask for?
Why, a Hell-deer of course!

This week’s Monster was Santa Claus, a la Santa’s Slay (2005), which depicts a muscle-bound Santa.  Riding through the film’s big blue skies accompanying the pro-wrestler version of the classic Saint Nick was his trusty side-kick: an enormous hell-deer.

For Fiendish and above patrons this week, a simple beastly conversion of this enormous flying bison is available in the Horror Movie Monster Manual, but here’s a tempting preview for those of you who aren’t…


And, if you want to get this and all the creatures to date in a single, indexed PDF as well as a handy-dandy Fantasy Ground version of these creatures, consider heading over to my Patreon and becoming a Patron!


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