A Murderous Call: Amelia Dyer

Amelia Dyer

Ogress of Reading

Content Warning: A Murderous Call covers actual, historical crimes up to and including murder and may be unsettling to some – Discretion Advised.

Considered to be one of the most prolific serial killers in history, Amelia Dyer was a 19th century baby farmer- a woman who adopted unwanted infants under the auspices of caring for them in place of their actual parents. A shady profession at the time, Amelia is believed to have possibly murdered more than 400 infants over a 30-year period – a terrible feat that was only stopped when her lust for the money she was supposed to use on her tiny victims overcame her caution.

Converted for your late 19th-century or possibly early 20th century Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition games, here are the possible stats for this heinous villain – interspersed with some Lovecraftian connection.


Patrons get access to PDFs for this and all Call of Cthulhu (7e) content.


Ending Preamble: Greetings and welcome to the inaugural post for the newest series for this blog– A Murderous Call: Historical Killers for the Worlds of Cthulhu. 

I have been a big fan of H. P. Lovecraft since High School and his weird fiction always had a peculiar cadence to its style that resonated with me. It’s his prose that in conjunction with the subject matter and its dense, sub textual meanings within the wider genre of horror that also incorporates peripheral topics including science, spirituality, history and more are why I think I always return to his writing. His stories are some of the only literature that’s ever truly scared me while reading them (Stephen King’s works also hold that honor).

Having played my share of Call of Cthulhu, and impressed with Chaosium’s latest iteration of the game, currently in its 7th Edition, I have wanted to add Cthulhu content to this site from the very beginning. Although I was tempted to convert Horror Monsters to CoC 7E in a similar fashion to the weekly 5E Monster of the Week, I thought a more fitting and useful series would be characters that Keepers could drop into their game, similar to 5E monsters, but with more utility since most Cthulhu games in my experience have a tenancy to end abruptly once a monster shows up.

To that end, this is the first of –A Murderous Call: Historical Killers for the Worlds of Cthulhu. This series will shine a grim spotlight on actual killers throughout history, with a focus on Victorian era killers, and look for ways to incorporate them into the Cthulhu setting. To be clear, these posts are not in any way meant to glamorize these killers. They do however, flow in a similar bloody vein as the ever popular True Crime podcasts, real-life murder mystery television shows and the police blotter stories at the back of big city newspapers. Like Lovecraft, this series seeks to inject real-life horrors into a fantastical and cosmic setting – discretion advised. 


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