Mandy (2018) – Warlock Patron: Idol

I see the reaper fast approaching…

On the shores of Crystal Lake, somewhere in the Shadow Mountains, Red Miller found the love of his life – Mandy.

Two seemingly broken individuals brought together by fate or cosmic chance, their time was cut tragically short by horrific happenstance. Red’s beloved was burnt alive before his very eyes by a band of ruthless psychopaths causing the lumberjack to fly into a mournful rage, then quickly set about the deadly process of punishing all those involved in her destruction.

He was aided on his quest by his lover’s ghostly essence, now an otherworldly protector. Given strength and guided with a wrathful hand, Mandy became Red’s Idol Patron –  a powerful option for Warlock’s of the world’s greatest role-playing game.



Want the PDF? Head over to Patreon and grab a copy of this and all the site’s content as a Fiend member today! This is the first addition to the Heroes of Horror supplement– exclusive to patrons!


If you see something that looks like it needs improving, re-balancing, editing or formatting, please leave a comment or shoot me an email ! I want these designs to be the best they can be!













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