Mandy (2018) – Demonic Cult

 He graced me with his
light. His hot loving light. It
flowed over me like the pulse of a
timeless wave…

Propelled along, aimlessly and remorselessly by the whims of a self-absorbed leader, the Children of the New Dawn are a coterie of mortal worshipers led by a truculent bard bound in service to a horrific demon – Abraxas the Unfathomable.

Seeking to twist the very fabric of time itself, Abraxas is a vain overlord, demanding fealty and adoration from his followers, sadistic and cruel beings who reflect the wickedness lurking in the demons heart.

Like the rest of the Abyssal pantheon, Abraxas offers assistance to his most loyal of followers. Cultists who submit to his terrible designs use these boons to devastating affect on their enemies and those who dare trespass against their infernal master.

The following Demonic Boons are presented for followers of Abraxas, the demon ruler of the 17th Layer of the Abyss. They incorporate mechanics first found in Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes on page 30.


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