Monster of the Week: Johnny Bartlett

I’ve been carrying on the good work.

Films Synopsis: When his wife dies in a tragic car accident, architect Frank Bannister (Michael J Fox) develops the ability to see ghosts. In the wake of the tragedy and his newfound powers, he takes up a career as an exorcist, aided by a trio of ghostly friends. Considered little more than a conman in his small town, things get weird when a number of residents begin dying of heart attacks.

Directed by Peter Jackson, yes that Peter Jackson, Frighteners is a quirky horror comedy that follows Frank as he goes about investigating these mysterious deaths. When he notices that each victim has a number carved into their foreheads that only Frank can see, he realizes he saw the same marking on his wife the night she died. As the killings begin to mount an FBI agent with an obsession for psychic powers (played by none other than Jeffrey Combs of Re-Animator fame) begins to suspect Frank of being a deranged serial killer, whose rampage started with his dead wife.

As the  movie unfolds, the true culprit is revealed – one Johnny Bartlett, a ghost returned from hell with new and terrifying powers that allow him to kill the living and dead with ease.

A odd entry in ghost genre, Frighteners has a mix of elements that nevertheless works in the films favor. And though he only took to the screen uncloaked as the film’s titular villain a few times, Jake Busey’s character Johnny, was a truly terrifying villain – and a perfect monster for any D&D table!


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But what do you think, is Johnny’s icy grip too deadly for your players? Or will this wanna-be Grim Reaper get sent back to the Nine Hells were he belongs? Download my rendition of  Johnny Bartlett in pdf format for your campaign and set this sociopath lose on your unsuspecting world.

And, if you want to get this and over 50 more monsters in a single, indexed PDF as well as a handy-dandy Fantasy Ground version of these creatures, consider heading over to my Patreon and becoming a Patron!

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