Horrific Treats – FEBRUARY Release Roundup

Welcome to the inaugural Horror Treats, Release Roundup – serving you a cauldron of terrifying digital titles for your purchasing pleasure.

As much as I love publishing horror content, I enjoy consuming it even more. And why not spread the results of some of my grim pickings?

February 2020 was filled with some delightfully creepy content certain to send shivers down your game-loving spine. Across a variety of systems,  titans of horror like Chaosium and Onyx Path as well as Indie and first time publishers delivered quite a few terrifying products meant to unravel the mind. If you’re up for a bit of sanity loss, by all means take a gander at some of these Horror Titles released last month – if you dare!

(I love high production quality releases, but I also love small and indie creators, especially first time pubbies, so here are 10 big time (professional publishers), indie (fairly established 3rd party/’best-seller’ shops) and solo (new or ‘home’ press) titles, by no means the only horror titles that got released in February, but ones that I had a particular fondness for)



1. Call of Cthulhu: Dark Ages

Publisher: Chaosium

Price: 21.99

System: CoC 7E

Its Call of Cthulhu, in the Dark Ages, and its been updated to 7th Edition – what more do you need to know?


2. Night Horrors: Spilled Blood

Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing

Price: 14.99

System: nWOD/COD

Technically an Advance copy, this expansion delves into new bloodlines, magic and blood diseases for 2E and COD games.

INDIE Releases


3. The Heir of Orcus: Verse IV

Publisher: Anthony Joyce (DMSGuild)

Price: 7.95

System: D&D5E

The continuation of a great series that charts the horrific rise of one of D&D’s iconic demon lords’ offspring, this time interwoven with Lovecraftian terror.


4. The Legend of Boneapart

Publisher: Oliver Clegg (DMSGuild)


System: D&D5E

A quirky side-quest in the world of Ravenloft for level 1 characters done with the singular style by a DMSGuild legend. (Disclaimer: I’m a total OC fanboy)


5. Where the Dead Wait

Publisher: James Introcaso (DMSGuild)

Price: 4.99

System: D&D5E

Defend against an onslaught of undead in a ruined cottage in this quasi AL-league module by a veteran of the guild.

SOLO Releases


6. Cages of Light and Shadow

Publisher: Alyson Cybe (Miskatonic University)

Price: 3.99

System: CoC7E

Investigate a lost film depicting the recording of the King in Yellow in this Call of Cthulhu module of globe-trotting mystery and terror.


7. Real Housewives of Ravenloft

Publisher: First Ones Entertainment, JP Chapleau (DMSGuild)

Price: 5.00

System: D&D5E

A delightful little investigative romp for mid-tier characters based around the ‘hit’ t.v. show – set in Ravenloft.


8. Don’t Get Lost in Whiskaway Wood

Publisher: Andrew S. Morley (DMSGuild)

Price: 2.95

System: D&D5E

A unique and pleasantly designed adventure with a number of alternative ways to resolve the story – with some nice original art.


9. Infernal War Machine Sheet 5e

Publisher: Caelan Levine (DMSGuild)


System: D&D5E

Get even more use out of your copy of Descent into Avernus with this handy-dandy sheet for horrific and devilish war machines.


10. Volo’s Lost Notebook (FIRST TIME PUBLISHER)

Publisher: Idalla S. (DMSGuild)

Price: 4.95

System: D&D5E

A guilty pleasure for sure, presenting a peek into succubi and incubi as recorded by the famed Volo, complete with some delightfully entertaining and wicked encounters.

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