Video Game Monster: Tsar Fish | New 5th Edition Monster

Video Menagerie: Metro Exodus (2019)

Worshiped by some, feared by all, the Tsar Fish is a monstrous foe in the first-person shooter, Metro Exodus. With a tough reptilian hide, and a gaping maw, it easily crumples boats, bones and anything else it can get its find. It is even a threat outside the river it calls home – its two frontal fins act as legs, allowing it to pursue prey on the riverbanks around its murky lair. Despite its size, the tsar is highly flexible, able to maneuver into the most cramped of areas. To the local tribes, the tsar fish is believed to be a minor god, capable of astounding feats of strength and the ability to elicit an eerie, musical-like throaty call. 

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