Monster of the Week: Bio-raptor (Pitch Black) | New 5th Edition Monster

But they forgot to lock the cellar.
When a damaged spaceship makes an emergency crash landing on an empty desert planet, the survivors soon find they have worse problems than simply being stranded on an alien world. Orbited by triple suns, the planet is kept in perpetual daylight but for a single year every 22 years when all three suns align and the world is blanketed in darkness. When that happens, the normally subterranean race of bio-raptors emerge, feasting on any creature they find. Vicious, aggressive and highly deadly, the blind creatures hunt down the stranded passengers one by one until only a handful remain.
Starring Vin Diesel (a celebrity D&D-player!) along with a quirky cast of characters including a morally ambiguous convict, a drug-addicted bounty hunter and an interstellar Muslim Imam, Pitch Black (2000) is a sci-fi horror film that takes place far in the future, but with monsters ready for the table right now!


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