Monster of the Week: Killer Tomatoes (Attack of the Killer Tomato’s) | New 5th Edition Monster

Hey, can somebody please pass the ketchup?
The 1978 horror-comedy Attack of the Killer Tomatoes was poorly received by critics when it debuted but has since become a cult classic. Epitomizing the ‘so-bad-it’s-good’ film, the parody sees tomatoes becoming murderous, sentient beings and revolting against humanity. Dripping with satire (and a 1970’s view on things), the crew follows a motley crew of misfits who are seemingly incapable of defeating the rising vegetable menace, until by miracle or happenstance, the mutated fruits are shrunk down to normal size and squished into oblivion.
In honor of April Fools (April 1st) and a bit of levity in the face of current events, enjoy this comedic trio of monsters for your D&D table!

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