Hellboy (2004) – Inferno | New 5th Edition Sorcerer Archetype

 In the dark I heard your voice, what did you say? 

In Hellboy (2004),  Elizabeth Sherman is a troubled woman with the psychokinetic power to create and control fire. Springing from an unknown source, the capability allows her to sheath herself in a wreath of flames. Glimpses of her past show the power emerging in her youth, initially destructive and dangerous. As the film unfolds, ‘Liz’ demonstrates a determined focus in reigning in her power, using it to harm those dangerous to humanity alongside her companions.

Much like the Unearthed Arcana Phoenix Bloodline, Elizabeth’s powers present an excellent option for ‘fire-starter’ characters. Given the horrific nature of many of Liz’s opponents however, the abilities of that Origin are seemingly less powerful than what a try pyromancer should have, and where the Phoenix bloodline trades in rebirth and resistance, the Inferno Sorcerer Origin deals in the raw uncompromising heat of inner wrath.

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