Monster of the Week: Hutch (The Faculty) | New 5th Edition Monster

We win. End of story.
Receiving little love when it came out, and since eviscerated by horror aficionado’s for its teenage part-horror/part-sci-fi tonal mess, 1998’s The Faculty is considered another rip of the Scream variety that came out in the ’90s. For me, it was a great flick, with a great cast and a weird atmosphere that was one of the first horror films I saw in theater. In the film, an alien lands in a small town and proceeds to ‘possess’ the community one by one with its infectious spawn (See? Classic sci-fi, and totally an homage). Eventually the alien reveals itself as the most unlikely of characters (wink) and we are given a great tentacled horror monster that is as iconic as it seems to be forgotten. But its similarity to D&D’s aboleth’s is hard not to notice – and so here goes its D&D conversion for your gaming pleasure. 

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