Monster of the Week: Beetlejuice | New 5th Edition Monster

It’s showtime!
A commercial success that spawned an all-new cinematic icon, Beetlejuice (1988) was an eighties classic that turned actor Michael Keaton into a household name. A rude, crude and nasty dude, the undead bio-exorcist Beetlejuice gets summoned to deal with a slight problem of the living plaguing a recently deceased husband and wife. With a wicked sense of humor, a larger than life personality and a few schemes of his own up his striped sleeves, Beetlejuice steals the show in this unforgettable comedy-horror. Though he has a fairly big Achilles heel (say his name three times and he disappears), he is still a terrifying villain of monstrous proportions – perfect to throw at a table of over-confident PCs. 

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