Review: Dethstrok9’s LEGION (YouTube Channel) – Cthulhu Content

Synopsis:  A Youtube Channel devoted to the Call of Cthulhu RPG

Review: If you’re like me and enjoy media discussions of weird tabletop horror, methods of driving your players insane and how to run the scummiest Call of Cthulhu investigator ever, you’ll probably enjoy Daniel Profeta’s YouTube Channel – Dethstrok9

With an emphasis on Call of Cthulhu, Daniel covers all aspects of the game with an eye towards storyteller advice. His 3 Stages of Fear video is a straight-forward introduction on defining and developing baseline horror in your game. And for those of you who’ve struggled with pronouncing some of the Mythos’ more unusual monsters, his How to pronounce: Cthulhu and other Mythos entities series is a quick primer on just that. Still in his teens, Daniel’s channel has grow rapidly since its launch at the beginning of the year.

After getting into a slight kerfuffle with Daniel over certain horror elements and their game inclusion, I’ve since surveyed his channel and find it to be a great source of Cthulhu material. So if you’re looking for weekly CoC videos, head over to Dethstrok9 and enjoy – if you dare!

Published by Jesse B

Eclectic taste for horror and dark fantasy

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