Monster of the Week: Swagman (The Marshes) – 2018 | New 5th Edition Monster

Whistling his mournful song, and tucker baggin’
anybody unlucky enough to stumble into his watery domain.
Part slasher, part outdoor survival, part psychological thriller, 2018‘s The Marshes tries to be all sorts of things yet unfortunately leaves the viewer by the end with little but an empty bedroll (in the film’s parlance, a swag). When a trio of biologists embark on a data gathering quest to save a marshland, they soon find themselves hunted by a campfire tale – the legendary ghost of a Swagman, a day laborer. Sporting a meat-cleaver-sized pair of shears, a frightful whistle and the ability to jump in and out of the trio’s apparent reality, the Marshes is a messy Shudder original that may lack a coherent and satisfying plot, but features competent cinematography, acting and a worthy and interesting (and a first for the series – a monster with Innate Spellcasting!) antagonist for our gaming table – the Swagman

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