Kickstarter: Planet X Games | Escape from Skullcano Island | Creator Interview & Art Preview

Psst! Hey you! When’s the last time you read a B-Movie ’70-style Adventure? Been a while huh? Are there a few things you absolutely NEED in a 5th Edition mod? Things like:

Hooked yet? You should be. This gnarly Kickstarter will be the Fourth Project created by Levi Comb’s Planet X games – you can find them over at Facebook, Instagram and of course Kickstarter. If you missed two of the earlier Projects, An Occurrence at Howling Crater and Jungle Tomb of the Mummy Bride, you can pick them up over on DrivethruRPG and see the dope content you’ll be getting with this newest Kickstarter. Levis has also been the author of Necromancer Games‘ hugely successful IndieGoGo 5E Module, The Horror Out of Hagsjaw.

Levi was SUPER gracious to share a few of the artwork for the new project before the project launch AND share a few thoughts on the inspiration that went into the Module!

How long have you been making such gnarly D&D Content and why Grindhouse horror?

Planet X has been around as a little indie outfit for about 2 years. We started with our homage to cannibalsploitation and old school adventure flicks with Jungle Tomb of the Mummy Bride and then followed it up with another homage project An Occurrence at Howling Crater, which one reviewer called “If the Hills Have Eyes has a baby with Plan 9 From Outer Space and then let the baby do crack”.

Horror flicks and the Grindhouse scene have been in my blood since I was a teen. I never grew out of it… and never wanted to! 

For this Kickstarter Project, Escape from Skullcano Island, what would you say are the biggest media influences, aside from Godzilla and King Kong of course?

It’s not so much just Godzilla and Kong as it is the overall aesthetic of vintage kaiju flicks and the old Toho films. Man, those guys knew how to do it right!! I grew up watching those old rampaging monster movies as a kid so when I was throwing around ideas for my “lost island of in a world that time forgot” adventure, the idea of having classic style kaiju just came naturally… plus, they never really seem to make it into a ton of RPG adventures, do they? Always seemed like a natural fit to me. 

Biggest influences though? All the old Harryhausen stuff for sure, but there’s a definite dark streak through this adventure too, brought on by the module’s main villains – The Doomsayers of Kraak-Thul. They’re a little bit cenobite from Hellraiser, a little otherworldly cultist from The Void and all kinds of… man… I don’t know what. They’re just a whole new kind of insanity. Other than that it’s the imaginative weirdness of Mignola, the pulp feel of Howard and the otherworldliness of Lovecraft. 

Your project videos are a great homage to B-movie Grindhouse- do you have any particular directors, special effects artists or musicians from that era you think would make awesome players or Dungeon Masters for the Gaming table?

Hell yeah! Panos Cosmatos (Mandy, Beyond the Black Rainbow), the Trost Brothers (The FP, Beats of Rage), Brian Eschbach from Black Dahlia Murder, Lee Austin Bates from Must Die!, and all the dudes from King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. The dude from Monster Skull too. Oh, and Joe Manganiello, because there couldn’t be a nicer dude out there repping the hobby. 

If someone didn’t enjoy either the horror or the grindhouse flavor to your adventures, how would you convince them why they should, and why they’d want to back your Kickstarter anyways?

The hobby is full awesome creators and artists that are doing great work. If you like your RPG experience in line with JRR Tolkien and enjoy the familiar boundaries of heroic fantasy RPGs, then you’ll have no problem finding some top shelf stuff. If you’re looking for something a little different though, from artists and creators who are pushing boundaries and going down roads a little less traveled, then check out our stuff. The guys I routinely collaborate with are doing some wild stuff, both in their own and with Planet X… and if you think what we’ve done before was out there, wait until you see Escape from Skullcano Island. A fellow writer who got an early peek said “If the Isle of Dread dropped LSD with that Island from Lost and then they just sat around all day watching old monster movies and listening to Black Sabbath, you’d get this.” I couldn’t ask for a better endorsement! 


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