Criminal of the Week: Soul- Eater (Supernatural) | New 5th Edition NPC

Like most of the rest of its bestiary, Soul-Eaters from the dark-fantasy show Supernatural, are based on real-world folklore. African tales from the Hausa peoples of Niger and Nigeria, among others, are often told in close relation  and connected to the more common myths of zombies and witches. The slaves that were brought to the new world carried these creatures and their mythology with them, giving authors here a good deal of material to draw inspiration from. In Supernatural, Soul-eaters are more malevolent and ancient, beings of great power and magical abilities far beyond mortal ken. They live in ‘nests’ – extra-dimensional pocket planes, emerging to consume souls and taunt the living. They have the ability to move things with their minds, possess others and are nearly incapable of being killed – all wicked attributes that make them perfect D&D monsters!
Taking a page from the Monster Manual, outside of the Nine Hells and the Abyss, the biggest traffickers in souls are hags. Tying the Soul-eaters to them seemed only fitting. Their innate invisibility and plethora of spells also made them a unique creature, as well as their ‘pocket dimension’ – a nice way to have a baddie with the demiplane spell. While the show depicts them possessing mortals, I changed this to add some variety from the typical ghost, giving them the ability to inhabit corpses instead, allowing for some interesting role-playing sessions! 

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