CryptTV Horror Monster : Kinderfanger | New 5th Edition Monster

Based on the Pied Piper from the famed German legend that dates back to the Middle Ages, CryptTV’s Kinderfanger is a spectral, malignant creature that lures children to their doom just like his historical progenitor.

During the height of a plague of rats, the mayor of the town of Hamelin was approached by a mysterious figure in multicolored (“pied”) clothing who claimed to be a rat-catcher. Offering to rid the town of the infestation, the mayor accepted, promising to give the catcher a large sum for the task.

Playing his pipe to lure the town’s rats to a nearby river where they drowned, the mayor reneged on the promise of payment despite this success. Vowing revenge for unpaid work, the piper returned when the townsfolk, save their children, were attending church. He used his pipe this time to lure away the young ones who were never seen again. To this day, music is supposedly not allowed on the street of Bungelosenstrasse, the last place the children were claimed to be seen.

Pied Piper of Hamelin, Germany

Crypt TVs modern retelling of this tale features a decidedly more supernatural piper – a spectral, wraith-like being who not only lures children to their doom, but takes revenge on their parents as well. To be fair, CryptTV isn’t the first to put this tale to the screen, Disney for one tackled the Piper way back in the 1930’s, but the special effects the YouTube channel brings to bear on this horror fable short are wickedly good and the creature design itself is creepy and on-point. The Kinderfanger is a black skeleton with fur, reminiscent of a force-induced skeleton of an emaciated tauntaun, minus the horns, out for vengeance on Luke’s kids.

The twist ending is a perfect update to the classic tale and really rams home the whole ‘morality play’ mentality that a lot of these stories were originally created to function as. But for our purposes – a deadly, moral-less Kinderfanger is all we need!

Snag the PDF

Prefer animation horror over Live-action? CryptTV has another tale of this Germanic monster too!

CryptTV isn’t the first company to animate this classic tale, Disney did it way back in the 1930’s – albeit with less … gore!

Disney’s version of the Pied Piper

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