Video Game Monster: Cacodemon (1993) | New 5th Edition Monster

Either translated using its Greek origins into “evil spirit” (kakodaimon) or from Latin roots as “pooping demon“, Doom’s iconic cacodemon is instantly recognizable far beyond its player base. With a design ripped from a Dungeon and Dragon’s cover for its 1987 Manual of the Planes which featured a wicked looking Astral Dreadnaught by legend Jeff Easley, the first cacodemon’s in the Doom franchise were literally chopped off heads of this classic D&D monster.

Spitting balls of plasma and hissing when they see a player, cacodemons were fairly easily outmaneuvered adversaries thanks to their slow speed and slow artillery. However, what made these baddies a hassle was their tendency to group up and lair with other monsters. From a D&D standpoint, their beholder and beholder-kin similarities makes for a nice straightforward enough conversion – and a challenge for players everywhere.

Snag the PDF

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