Chronicles of Riddick (2004) – Zhylaw the Last | New 5th Edition Monster

Convert now, or fall forever.

Ruler of the Necromonger Empire, the man who would become the newest Lord Marshal brought about the most extreme form of his peoples dark philosophy. Through his reign, civilizations unwilling to convert to the Necromonger Way were met with annihilation, servitude and infanticide. Hoping to drive his followers through the Threshold and into the Underverse beyond, a constellation of dark stars, Zhylaw the Last, the current Lord Marshal, ruthlessly spreads his Empire throughout the universe, stretching its reach further than ever before. Part religion, part philosophy, part militant order, the Necromongers are loyal to the Lord Marshal insofar as he continues to display strength and power. For it is the Necromonger way that only the mighty may lead, and to the mightiest goes all the spoils.  Zhylaw the last takes this coda to heart, stamping out any signs of insurrection and hunting down those identified by the his personal seers as potential usurpers.


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Published by Jesse B

Eclectic taste for horror and dark fantasy

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