Monster of the Week: Graboid (Tremors 1 | 2 | 3 ) – The ’90’s | New 5th Edition Monster(s)

That’s how they git you.

I don’t think I’ve met a horror fan who hasn’t seen and also liked, Tremors

Witty, action-packed, suspenseful and with a dry humor, the nineties classic underground man-eating gigantic worm horror movie has a memorable cast, engaging plot and practical effects that hold up almost thirty years after its release. Spawning several less endearing sequels, Tremors as a horror franchise is one that nevertheless has had better follow-ups than many other bigger-budget, higher profile titles (Chucky, Jason, Freddy – I’m looking at you).

Hardly cluttered with deep meaning and profound observations, Tremors throughout its iterations always seems to know exactly what it wants to do and does it competently and efficiently – be a fun, comedic monster movie. 

And for the gaming table the franchise’s graboid monsters are a great set of adversaries – the worm, shrieker and ass-blaster!





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Like music? Me too – for these ‘western’ horrors, Tumbleweed Dealer’s Slow Walk thru A Ghost Town seems like a good and slow groove to add to the mix. 

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