Tome of the Week: Mister Babadook (Mister Babadook) – 2014 | New 5th Edition Wondrous Item

“He’s funny, don’t you think?

The titular book of the 2014 horror film Babadook goes by the same name as the film’s terrifying villain. Mister Babadook, a blood-red children’s pop-up imagined by the film’s writer and director Jennifer Kent and brought to life by illustrator Alexander Juhasz, a New Jersey native (those dang Jersey boys), in 2016 the book went into official production and became a collectible items for fans of the horror

Mysteriously arriving on your doorstep, when your heart is full of grief and sorrow, Mister Babadook can find even the loneliest of souls, no matter where they hide. As the creature takes hold of its victim’s thoughts and body, the pages of the demented codex slowly reveal a terrifying conclusion – unless the cursed creature afflicted by the tome can free themselves of the lingering malaise that brought its pages to them in the first place… 

Mister Babadook-ver001.jpg

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