Game Preview: Werewolf: The Apocalypse — Heart of the Forest

I gotta say, I love D&D but also – I FUCKING LOVE WORLD OF DARKNESS (the Old World anyway).

So I am pretty psyched about an upcoming official game for Werewolf the Apocalypse set to launch later this year, sometime in Q4 of 2020 (although I’m somewhat doubtful about its release schedule seeing as we’re close to the end of August). I always loved the old school drawings in White Wolf supplements and Garou and the entire Werewolf universe seemed so raw, especially coming out just before the turn of the century when everyone was infected with the Y2K bug and Armageddon talk.

Dis look GUD

Unlike a scheduled and now delayed Vampire the Masquerade visual novel, the Werewolf visual novel will be released with, in my opinion, much more appropriate art and a wickedly styled sense of graphics perfectly fitting the original atmosphere of the gothic game. It seems the game, planned for Windows, Linux and Mac OS(!),  completely does away with 3D models – whoopee! They also look to be placing an emphasis on character design that closely matches the actual RPG mechanics. Developed by Different Tales, a studio formed by two coders who formerly worked on the Witcher series, Heart of the Forest will be published by Walkabout Games which has several visual novel titles already under their belt.

From their dev log over on GameJolt, and their choice of art direction, this is actually the first World of Darkness game I’ve been excited about in some time – if you’re a fan of oWOD, I highly recommend you give the gameplay a look-see over on Twitch!




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