Unsolved Horrors – Siren (Supernatural) | New 5th Edition Monster

The monstrous sirens from the dark fantasy series Supernatural are enthralling creatures ripped from Greek mythology. Traditionally depicted as seductresses who lure sailors to their doom with enchanting voices and mesmerizing song, the sirens in Supernatural share similarities to their legendary inspirations but also differ in signifiant ways.

Rather than beautiful maidens with magical vocals, the sirens from the series are depicted as ugly, hairless monstrosities who infect their victims with a poisonous toxin that compels a euphoric state of obedience. They are also found outside of their more familiar coastal environments, able to appear as any creature they wish in order to gain the confidence of mortals. This makes the siren’s of the show much more deadly, able to masquerade and infiltrate any community they wish.


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