Tome of the Week: Diary of Regina Carter (Demon Wind) – 1990 | New 5th Edition Item

“That’s why I keep her around.

When Cory visits his grandparents’ farm to learn about his ancestor’s troubling past, he uncovers much more than he was probably hoping to find. Dragging along a gang of friends, the group soon find themselves trapped in the abandoned husk of his fore-bearers estate. Kept there by a mysterious fog, the film’s namesake- Demon Wind, this zany, painfully low-budget 1990‘s b-movie gore fest, slowly unveils the fiendish force behind this creeping miasma that is preventing the hapless investigators from escaping, sealing their doom in the process. 

Eventually, Cory discovers his grandmothers diary, a haunting journal written half in the Common tongue of the day and the other half written in demonic script. Graced with spells and words of wisdom, Cory and his girlfriend come to use the knowledge contained within to battle and defeat the demon in the wind…or so they think…




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Published by Jesse B

Eclectic taste for horror and dark fantasy

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