Zombie of the Week: Buried – Pet Semetary Two (1992) | New 5th Edition Monster

No brain, no pain…think about it.

With a truly memorable zombie performance by Clancy Brown as a re-animated small-town sheriff, Pet Semetary Two (1992) was nevertheless, not well received by audiences or critics when it was released. Essentially a re-hashing of the original film, but with slightly different characters (and animals), Pet Semetary once again offered a tale of cursed Indian burial grounds, re-animated loved ones and skeptical town folks. What sets this zombie flick apart from others, is the truly creepy portrayal of Gus, the belligerent sheriff, played by Brown to disturbing effect. Shot in the neck and brought back to life by his stepson, Gus returns to life to wreak havoc on the Maine town of Ludlow, murdering his former neighbors and family, but not before a creepy necromantic romp with his wife who is unaware of his undead state. Twisted stuff.

If you’re looking to pepper your own campaign with slightly more devious zombies than the normal ones, Pet Semetary offers a glimpse into much more evil and terrifying revenants, ones that just might fool your players into some fatal encounters.



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