Tome of the Week: Weeping Book (Mercy) – 2014 | New 5th Edition Item

“Something dark, and evil.

A single mother and her two boys are forced to take care of their ailing grandmother after she is forced out of a nursing home. The mysteries surrounding their grandfather who killed himself with an axe hint at the trouble soon to unfold as the family learns that more than simple dementia might be gripping their elderly matron. Mercy (2014) has some heavy stars attached to its production that nevertheless overall just feels – awkward. Adapted from a Stephen King short story, the film is a justifiably Video-on-Demand release by horror-movie-mill Blumhouse and it shows. Despite its lackluster story, it does however present an intriguing little horror gem of world-building in the Weeping Book – spell books essentially written in invisible ink to hide the fact that the owners are witches…


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Published by Jesse B

Eclectic taste for horror and dark fantasy

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