Zombie of the Week: Busan – Train to Busan / Seoul Station (2016) | New 5th Edition Monster


A truly engaging and heart-wrenching horror film, Train To Busan (2016) and its animated ‘prequel’ of sorts, Seoul Station, deliver a powerhouse of a pair of movies for the zombie genre. Wrought with all sorts of social commentary, the film takes an unflinching look at how a zombie outbreak would occur in a rapidly industrializing country like South Korea. The outcome, as can be expected, is gut-punching, to say the least.

Like the other horror film’s I’ve presented in the past few weeks, the beating heart of the film’s narrative (and its animated sibling) are family. In this case, an estranged father-daughter dynamic is on display and serve as the film’s impetus. The rest of cast of characters, all feeling entirely organic that they meet fleeing a zombified urban apocalypse embody different social and economic institutions and factors within society, but never in a cookie-cutter fashion. From start to finish, Train to Busan is an epic and tragic zombie tale, right up there with anything Romero ever did and is a definite recommend.

If you’re looking to pepper your own campaign with slightly more devious zombies than the normal ones, Train to Busan offers a glimpse into much more evil and terrifying undying, undead that just might devour your characters, limb by limb.




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