CryptTV Horror Monster : Look-See | New 5th Edition Monster

Crypt TV- The Look-See

Loosely based on the Slender Man (maybe?), Crypt TV’s The Look-See is a more masculine, corporeal version of the Babadook– with a Patrick Bateman’s sense of fashion. He (or it?) hunts down individuals wracked with guilt, leaving them notes informing them they will soon meet him, unless they find it in their hearts to release their sense of loss. Feeling part Jigsaw as well, the Look-See is a sophisticated, sadistic psychological stalker that exists to torment his victims before their untimely end. 

While there are multiple different depictions of the Look-See across the Crypt Tv universe, including one where he faces off against  an apparently equally matched mordeo, the Look-See’s power capabilities definitely seem to place him well into a much higher tier. His magical abilities feel nearly demigod like in status and he is sure to make.a formidable opponent at any D&D table-

Crypt TV - The Look-See

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