Monster of the Week: Neck Breaker (Verotika) – 2019 | New 5th Edition Monster

Monster of the Week - Neck Breaker

“Don’t wake up, it is too soon!

Verotika is not a good movie.

Glenn Danzig (founder of punk band Misfits and all-round awesome musician) wrote, directed and scored this anthology horror-movie which was based on his adult line of comics published under the same name as the film. I will admit to having a soft spot for adult themed comics, but like the movie, the Verotika comics, cheeky artwork aside, never had much of a narrative foundation to make me a fan. Danzig’s directorial debut with Verotika (2019) takes all the tropes that made the comics uninteresting and plasters them onscreen perfectly. The result is one anthology filled with awkward scenes involving gratuitous shots of porn stars, strange french accents, horrible film incongruences, terrible acting, atrocious special effects and I think possibly the worst IMBD score of any film I’ve covered as the origin basis for a creature on this site. (1.9). 

Verotika-Dajette (Spider-man)
The Albino Spider-man comic origin of Verotika (2019)

I could go into the plot, flimsy as it is,  but honestly, there really isn’t any point – so let’s get to the monster!

The first of the film’s vignettes features an albino spider-man (not the good kind) that manifests from the sorrowful dreams of one of the film’s leading lady’s. A cruel and sexually sadistic monster with six arms, the neck-breaker, as he is labeled in the movie, goes on a raping/murdering rampage while Dajette, the porn star who spawned him, is fast asleep. And that description pretty much covers the story. For our purposes, the spider-man neck breaker might make an interesting villain, provided you leave out the more, problematic aspects of his nature (unless that’s your thing). 

Neck Breaker (5E monster stats)

Snag the Single-Page PDF

Like music? Me too – gotta add some Danzig to the list, although Mother seems a bit too – problematic. So let’s go with Devil’s Plaything

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