Tome of the Week: Grand Grimoire {Satan’s Bible} (Warlock) – 1989 | New 5th Edition Item

Grand Grimoire - Satan's Bible

“Always witches have lusted for it, and now, here, I find a page – one lone page!”

A witch from the 16th century is sent forward into the future by demonic forces to acquire the pages of a black book of magic – the Grand Grimoire, or Satan’s Bible. The witch in question is played by Julian Sands who delivers a delightfully devilish performance in the 1989 supernatural horror movie Warlock. Campy, witty and an all around adventure, Warlock is a solid B-movie that is entertaining from start finish. Thanks mostly to its humorous performances, the special effects are decidedly lacking but the tone and fun-spirited nature of the movie make up for its short comings. At the center of the plot, are the pages of an all powerful Grimoire, a spell book whose scattered pages once united are powerful enough to unravel the very fabric of the universe. 

Grand Grimoire from Warlock (1989)Grand Grimoire from Warlock (1989)

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