Tome of the Week: Bible of Amet (Beyond Darkness) – 1990 | New 5th Edition Item

Bible of Amet

“I didn’t just murder all those children, I also devoured their souls.”

A reverend and his wife come to find their house is haunted by the spirit of a serial killer that worshipped a demonic force. Fueled by the souls of children murdered during her living days, the spirit becomes obsessed with reverend’s son and daughter, with the son being played by Michael Paul Stephenson from the best/worst horror Troll 2. Despite being obviously low budget, 1990‘s Beyond Darkness, an Italian horror filmed with American actors and part of an incredibly convoluted franchise (see TubeReview below for more details), the film has some surprisingly decent things working in its favor.

For one, the acting for the most part is fairly well done. There is also some effort in the special effects and there are a few decent jump scares. While the plot is not exactly earth-shattering, it treads into some actually intriguing concepts around the nature of good, evil and redemption. While far from a good film, Beyond Darkness is much better than most lo-budget horror and despite being a bit boorish, it is worth a watch if you enjoy the Italian slow-burn flavor of horror films.

At the center of the film is the Bible of Amet – a tome that entreats its followers to commit the souls of children to a demon bearing the bible’s titular name. In other words, a perfect addition to the D&D table. 

Bible of Amet - Tome of Horror - Beyond Darkness

Snag the Single-Page PDF

YouTube Review – A Convoluted Franchise




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