Monster of the Week: Triffid (The Day of the Triffids) – 1962 | New 5th Edition Monster


“Brought to Earth by a meteor shower…”

A classic science-fiction horror with a slow, almost mystery-like vibe to it, the 1962 monster film The Day of the Triffids spawned multiple remakes and helped cement the term triffid in the British lexicon as a tall, invasive and menacing plant. Based on the novel by the same name written by John Wyndham, the film deviates significantly from its source material but is nevertheless a well made staple of ’60’s classic horror. 

When a meteor enters the atmosphere, the resulting shower blinds most of the British population, seeding the way for the invading spores that develop into the carnivorous triffids. Giant petalled plants with feet-like roots, the triffids seem able to communicate and come equipped with a lethal and poisonous stinger. Far from a masterpiece, the tone of The Day of the Triffids leans into its menacing premise and while it diverges from the book in many ways, the subtle implications the movie revels in as it portrays elements of society in collapse just like the novel, elevates the movie into the realm of true social commentary like any great horror. Unfortunately the film quality could use an update, but despite this, The Day of the Triffids is a classic well worth your time. 

And for the gaming table, if you’d like to add more plant options to your rooster of foes, the triffids make excellent baddies alongside the likes of corpse flowers and twig blights… 


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Like music? Me too – Since the original film is a UK transport, why not stick to the country of origin with the  British Horror Story’s Strangeclub. 

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