Monster of the Week: Michael Myers (Halloween Franchise) – 1978 | New 5th Edition Monster

Michael Myers

Death is the only solution for Michael.

What can I possibly say about Michael Myers, the Halloween franchise and the original 1978 Halloween movie that hasn’t been said already? It’s a film that re-made and arguably made the modern slasher genre into what it is today. It launched the careers of John Carpenter (The Thing) and Jamie Lee Curtis (Terror Train). It’s been inducted into the Library of Congress as a film that is “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”. Its antagonist, Michael Myer’s is easily one of the most recognizable icons created, let alone movie personas ever conceived and the entire ‘final girl’ concept was developed out of Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode. The original Halloween isn’t just a slasher film – it is the slasher film. And for many people, Michael Myers and Halloween are literally what they understand as ‘horror movies’.

Apart from the plot, simple as it is wherein a child murderer comes back on Halloween night to murder his family (questionable), the original film has all sorts of interesting tidbits and trivia. Like the fact that film score was done by the director himself, John Carpenter, and its main theme is now almost as instantly recognizable as Michael Myer’s himself. Or the fact that the mask Michael wears is actually a William Shatner mold. 

And, like many good horror films, Halloween spawned an entire franchise that developed a fairly convoluted timeline, complete with supernatural forces, alternative histories and ancient curses. Most of these films horribly missed their mark, yet these sequels, prequels and reboots are good from a gaming perspective at giving Michael some extra supernatural punch to his largely mortal makeup. While he might have been a ‘shape’ of terror in the films, Myers is still human, albeit a terrifyingly deadly human. In game terms, these franchise film’s allow Michael’s otherworldly traits to gift him with enough staying power to present a threat to low-level player characters, especially on dark and festive nights filled with Autumn air and costumed revelry…

Michael Myers

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