Monster of the Week: Drukija, the Contessa of Blood (Verotika) – 2019 | New 5th Edition Monster

Druija, Contessa of Blood

“So she’s a virgin?

I pretty much said all I had to say about Verotika the last time I presented a monster from that movie. It’s not a good film and there’s really nothing to say about it. But it does have some weird villains and so here’s another dose of the bizarre and a second monster from the movie anyways (and the comic its drawn from) – Drujika, the Contessa of Blood

Based on Elizabeth Bathory, a historical figure who allegedly bathed in the blood of virginal victims and an influence on the lore surrounding modern day vampires, Drujika is a woman obsessed with blood. In the film, her story is little more than an opportunity for gratuitously nude eye candy. Despite this, Drujika does give me an opportunity to expand on a common horror villain troupe – the Black Widow.

Women who kill are a rare but notable niche in the horror genre, with most taking the form of the Avenging Angel – victim’s of gruesome experiences, most often rape, who murder for crimes committed against them or those they love. The much less common horrific female who appears as an unprovoked killer is an even rarer breed of villain. 

These Black Widows usually have their own motivations, often glaringly simplistic, as to why they kill – wealth or power. The means by which these women acquire these goals are usually just as straightforward – their inherent feminine sexuality. Hence, like the Black Widow spider upon which these archetypes are based, an insect whose females mate and then (sometimes but not always) kill their partners, these women are deadly to those they manage to seduce. Hence, they are the complete inverse of the Avenging Angel who kill as a sort of ‘defense’ of violated love; the Black Widow uses love as a premeditated, deliberate offensive weapon to kill. And this straight-forward sensual foe is exactly the one-dimensional figure presented in Verotika as Drujika, Contessa of Blood. She revels in both her sexuality and the ‘power’ of blood baths that it affords her.

So, while not a very compelling on-screen character, Drujika does present a great villain to throw at characters, one devoid of complex motivations and purely archetypical – the perfect D&D antagonist.

Druija, Contessa of Blood

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