DOOM: Comes to the Realms – 5E Campaign – Episode One: The Ship

A blend between Science Fiction and Horror, DOOM Comes to the Realms is the first episode/module in BenDjinn’s first 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign. It’s been a labor of love, like so much on this site for quite some time now and has been the primary reason for the drip of content recently. But it has finally arrived–

Doom Comes to the Realms
DOOM: Comes to the Realms

“A crew of space marines is infected by a daemonic signal. In the ensuing conflict, most of the human’s aboard are killed or possessed. The last man left, Captain Pike steers his doomed starship towards the nearest inhabitable planet – Keldora. A small world of hi-fantasy and lo-tech, your unsuspecting band of adventurers are tasked to investigate the crashed ship where they quickly discover the fiendish horrors within…”

DOOM Comes to the Realms is an ongoing campaign that takes players to the stars, aboard starships, space stations and eventually back to a world set to be overridden by hellish invaders. It is directly inspired by the superb video game franchise Doom, the science fiction/horror film Event Horizon as well as the works of H.P. Lovecraft and the GrimDark universe of Warhammer 40K

A Vazok Demon aboard the spaceship

DOOM Comes to the Realms includes a full-color 23 page adventure, 6 new fiendish monsters perfect for science-fiction settings,  random hi-tech trinkets and expanded scientific items similar to those found in the Dungeon Master’s Guide.

DOOM: Comes to the Realms
by BenDJinn

a 5e dungeons & dragons science fiction horror adventure.

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Download a copy today and if you are looking for even more Science Fiction 5E content perfect for hi-tech/horror, check out the Technologist class which goes perfect with the DOOM campaign.


MORDEO (2017)
TREMORS (1990)

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