Monster of the Week: Angry Molesting Tree (Cabin in the Woods) – 2011 | New 5th Edition Monster

“Let’s get this party started.” 

The iconic elevator scene in Cabin in the Woods includes a bevy of monsters – a shared universe of horror. Among the many villains that slaughter the soldiers of the shadowy government agency operating the underground lair in the film is a branchy horror identified on the film’s white-board of possibilities as the angry molesting tree

An ode to Evil Dead, this monster is little more than a possessed plant whose goal is to infect hapless mortals with the taint of demonic influence. How does it go about doing this? Through rape of course. 

Although Sam Rami, the writer/director of Evil Dead later regretted his decision to include such a gratuitous monster and its accompanying scene, the creature nevertheless became a ‘fan favorite’ and made its way into the 2013 remake (this post’s featured image) and Cabin in the Woods – which is the version I chose to adopt as a 5E horror movie monster. 

Stripped of any references to its demonic deadite progenitors (coming in a later entry), the angry molesting tree in Cabin is only seen for a brief few minutes, tackling one of the military personnel of the government bunker whom viewers can only assume was male, hence making the tree an equal opportunity creep. The copious blood the comes pouring out of the elevator also makes this version of the tree much more deadly – and perfect for an adult-themed, mature table of 5th Edition, suitably trigger-warned beforehand of course. 

Angry Molesting Tree

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