Loot of the Week: Kothoga (The Relic)

Part sci-fi, part horror, the story of The Relic's monster begins with an anthropologist returning to civilization after getting a life-altering taste of a South American tribe he was studying. Transformed into the film's titular villain, a part reptilian, part feline, part human hybrid, the Kothoga is certainly terrifying - until its dead and you're … Continue reading Loot of the Week: Kothoga (The Relic)

Loot of the Week: Art the Clown

The now infamous jester who debuted in Director Damien Leone’s 2013 All Hallows Eve, a collection of horror shorts. Art left an impression in his low-budget premiere, but it was Leone’s 2017 follow-up full-length feature, Terrifier, where the silent fiend’s sides-splitting antics left  more than a few truly memorable kills beloved by any true horror fan. Provided a party … Continue reading Loot of the Week: Art the Clown

Loot of the Week: Mogwai

Spawning a host of similar films including Critters, Ghoulies, Munchies and arguably and possibly cult hits like The Puppet Masters, Warner Brother’s 1984’s  Gremlins ended up being a horror comedy classic. At the center of this classic are the lovable race of mogwai's. But even these adorable fiends can become pests and might need to be taken care of. Once done, who … Continue reading Loot of the Week: Mogwai