You Should Be Reading: Vault Comics Winter’s Teeth

There appears to a be a bit of a renaissance going on right now with to theWhite Wolf  franchise and more specifically, properties from the Old World of Darkness. Seemingly out of nowhere, Walkabout Games recently released the visual novel Heart of Darkness that has so far been incredibly well-received. It’s art, game mechanics andContinue reading “You Should Be Reading: Vault Comics Winter’s Teeth”

Why You Should Play : Shadow of the Demon Lord – My own First Session

So I finally got around to playing a game of Shadow of the Demon Lord. Never heard of it? Let me explain. Shadow of the Demon Lord is a dark-horror d20 rpg-system heavily influenced by fifth edition D&D. It was Kickstarted back in 2015 to the tune of $140,000 dollars. That Kickstarter was the productContinue reading “Why You Should Play : Shadow of the Demon Lord – My own First Session”

Kickstarter: Planet X Games | Escape from Skullcano Island | Creator Interview & Art Preview

Psst! Hey you! When’s the last time you read a B-Movie ’70-style Adventure? Been a while huh? Are there a few things you absolutely NEED in a 5th Edition mod? Things like: Hooked yet? You should be. This gnarly Kickstarter will be the Fourth Project created by Levi Comb’s Planet X games – you canContinue reading “Kickstarter: Planet X Games | Escape from Skullcano Island | Creator Interview & Art Preview”

Review: Dethstrok9’s LEGION (YouTube Channel) – Cthulhu Content

Synopsis:  A Youtube Channel devoted to the Call of Cthulhu RPG Review: If you’re like me and enjoy media discussions of weird tabletop horror, methods of driving your players insane and how to run the scummiest Call of Cthulhu investigator ever, you’ll probably enjoy Daniel Profeta’s YouTube Channel – Dethstrok9.  With an emphasis on Call ofContinue reading “Review: Dethstrok9’s LEGION (YouTube Channel) – Cthulhu Content”

Horrific Treats – FEBRUARY Release Roundup

Welcome to the inaugural Horror Treats, Release Roundup – serving you a cauldron of terrifying digital titles for your purchasing pleasure. As much as I love publishing horror content, I enjoy consuming it even more. And why not spread the results of some of my grim pickings? February 2020 was filled with some delightfully creepyContinue reading “Horrific Treats – FEBRUARY Release Roundup”